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Where can the fUnfold™ Playsquare be used?

The fUnfold™ Playsquare is a mobile playmat is designed for versatility. It can be used on any smooth, flat surface so it’s perfect for use throughout the home, at daycare, during your next vacation or hotel stay, and even outdoors at the park or beach.

How do I clean my fUnfold™ Playsquare?

The fUnfold™ Playsquare is very easy to clean. Simply wipe clean the inner and outer surfaces of the mat using a damp cloth or sponge. For heavier messes use a mild soap or detergent.

Can my fUnfold™ Padcover go in the washing machine?

The fUnfold™ Padcovers are durable and completely machine washable. Wash your Padcovers in cold water, tumble dry on medium heat, and you’re ready to go.

Will the fUnfold™ Playsquare damage my floor?

No! The fUnfold™ Playsquare has sleek, smooth surfaces inside and out, so both your baby and your floors will be completely safe.

Is the fUnfold™ Playsquare Safe and Non-Toxic?

Yes. All its components have been rigorously tested, and proven to exceed U.S. and international safety standards. Our fUnfold™ Playsquare contains no lead, PVC, BpA, or Phthalates.

What makes the the fUnfold™ Playsquare antimicrobial?

While other mats can use chemical, anti-microbial additives which can wear off over time, the fUnfold™ Playsquare  is built to resist the growth of bacteria and stay cleaner for your baby. Because the play surface of the fUnfold™ Playsquare is not porous, it does not absorb spills and liquids which can foster the growth of bacteria. This means that with the wipe of a damp cloth, the Playsquare can be totally and completely cleaned.