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About Us

Our's is that age-old tale of boy meets girl...
Boy meets girl at a medical conference in New Orleans only to find out that they had unknowingly been attending the very same medical school, but had never crossed paths because of a 3 year class difference. The two return to school in Boston, fall in love while earning their medical degrees and eventually tie-the-knot (so typical, I know).  While in Boston, boy trains to be a Surgeon while girl pursues Gastroenterology.  It is during their specialty training that the two have their first child, Zea.
At this point it's time to pack up and return to family and warmer climates in what, coincidentally, is their mutual home state of California.  They settle in the Los Angele area where boy and girl go on to establish their medical practices and eventually have two more little girls - a spirited second daughter named Sydney and Ava, the baby of the family.
Our story, like so many, is full of joys, struggle, loss, and all the eye opening experiences that make up life. However, none of our experiences was more life-changing or more rewarding than having our children.  It has truly been the best experience of our lives.

Like you, we're always looking to provide or babies with the safest, most nurturing environment we can.  That's truly how we recognized a space to update one of the most common and overlooked baby products out there - the playmat.  We created the fUnfold Playsquare not only to give babies a safe, comfortable space to play, but also to improve the quality and simplicity of the parenting experience for new moms, dads and little ones alike.

After years of research and development, design and reiteration we finally came up with a product we think fundamentally helps parents and benefits their babies - the fUnfold Playsquare.

fUnfold's thick, supportive foam pad means that your baby will only feel soft, warm comfort no matter where playtime happens - whether indoors on stone or wood flooring, or outdoors on decking or even on a pavement patio.

fUnfold is baby-clean because its non-porous surface wont absorb moisture or germs, so cleaning up even the messiest spills or accidents is quick, easy, and stress-free.  Our patented smart-fold design pulls the baby's play surface inward onto itself keeping the fUnfold protected on-the-go.

And not only safe and convenient, but the fUnfold Playsquare allows babies to begin the physical activities that more quickly propel them toward their developmental milestones.  With a soft, supportive surface always within reach baby can practice tummy-time anytime and participate in the other floor activities that will actively stimulate body and brain development.

With the fUnfold Playsquare we want to give every child the same safe, nurturing, stimulating environment we strive to maintain for our own girls.

We truly hope you enjoy the fUnfold Playsquare
and feel free to let us know what you think,
but above all, enjoy parenthood.