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What's in a name?

I often get asked why. Why did you chose Overzealous™  for your company name? Two simple reasons. First, our daughter, Zea, was the inspiration behind our first product, the fUnfold™  Playsquare. So it seemed only fitting that her name be right at the center of our company name - over-ZEA-lous. The second reason is bit of a tongue-in-cheek. I mean, Overzealous is a word that definitely described us as new parents. And to some extent it seems all us parents have this undying, uber-vigilant, sometimes irrational need to always give our babies the very best of everything. That includes making sure their environment is as clean, safe, happy, and as nurturing as possible. We wanted to approach all our products and services with the same Overzealous spirit.

Next we had to think up a logo. Something that embodied an Overzealous™ commitment to happy times, endless optimism, and innovation. We looked at options, but the ‘Kite’ just fit. For us, the idea of flying a kite on a bright sunny day inspires that happy, care-free, inspirational feeling we want reflected in our company. And who could forget the iconic story of Benjamin Franklin out there with his Kite and key trying to unlock the mystery of electricity. For us the ‘Kite’ serves as a playful reminder to always question convention, continue to innovate, and keep smiling.

At Overzealous™  our passion is innovative products that simplify your life. Smarter products for smarter parents.


~ Overzealous