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Fortune Teller

Remember that four-finger folded paper game we played as kids.  The one where you pick a color, then you pick a number to find out your fortune.  They called it ‘Fortune Teller”. . . remember?  Well, believe it or not, that childhood game is how we came up with the the design of what is now fUnfold Playsquare.

When we set out on this mission to create a more modern, mobile playmat the biggest dilemma was how to make a spacious, comfortable playmat shrink down into something that was easy to carry.  Well, after almost a year of research and testing we were still left scratching our heads.  Then, one day this little girl came up to a friend ours wanting to play this game that we hadn't thought about on over 20 years.  As the little girl folded the paper game back-and-forth my eyes got big.  OMG!  I grabbed the paper game right off the little girl’s finger, turned to my wife,  and said “This is it! This is it!”  

And the rest is history.  That childhood game held the key to make our idea for a portable playmat  a reality.  The simple design allowed us to make a playmat that was super lightweight and easy to use.  And its unique folding motion collapsed the playmat onto itself perfectly protecting the baby’s play surface on-the-go.

When we started on this journey to create a better baby mat we never could've predicted we'd find all our solutions in a childhood game.